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Little Overhead enables us to make some of the Strongest Scented Products at prices that are Lower than Most Name Brands. We make a Profit on the Volume of Our many Return Customers, who absolutely adore Our Super Scented and All Natural ECO-SOY100 CANDLES. cleaner burning wax candles.

:': Warm Impressions Scent Guarantee!
We hope you will enjoy our website and please come back. We use only 100% natural scent so you get a pure fragrance and is guranteed to be triple scented and beyond. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us and we can most likely fulfill your order.

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Order from Warm Impressions and see why our super scented products are sweeping the nation. All transactions are 100% secure using Contact us for more information.

Warm Impressions Candles will save you money on aromatherapy items, Jar candles, Pillar candle, Tarts, Tart Burners, Tea lights, Votives, etc. Every Candle is Hand Poured by Us and Shipped Direct to You.

Online ordering made easy
One of the benefits of ordering online is that you get our Direct Buy Prices on every candle we make.
We ship all orders within 24 to 48 hours.

You will smell the difference when opening one of our products. This is what sets our items apart from the mainstream items you buy (even the ones that claim to be extra strong). Our products are slow-burning, hand poured and triple scented.

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Tammy - Helotes, TEXAS 

I just wanted to let you know, first of all, the candles you have are probably the best smelling candles I have owned, and I buy a lot of candles. Not only do the smell great in the jar, but they also smell after they have been lit, just one candle filled my whole downstairs. I think there is nothing worse than buying a candle that smells great when you buy it, only to find out it doesn't smell at all when it is lit.

Also In a world where customer service is almost obsolete and owners and managers of companies could care less if they loose a customer because another will come along, it is refreshing knowing their is still a business that does care. I love your candles and will definitely purchase more in the future, and I will also tell others about your company and website (and trust me, I come from a family of candle lovers). Thank you very much, and I look forward to doing business with you again

Kristy - Coeur d'Alene, IDAHO

Thank you so much.  The scents are wonderful and just now started burning them.  Now the test is how long they last.  Can tell already they surpass Yankee and a previous candle company I tried!  I believe you've got another permanent customer! 

I absolutely love your products!  This is my second order and more to come!  The scents are fabulous and last a lot longer than the Yankee tarts.  Thank you again and can't wait for my pkg.  Happy Holidays to you and family, 

Wendy - Langhorne, PA

I followed the link to Warm Impressions - for the 16 oz jars. The jars are beautiful and the labels are elegant. Since these were primarily intended as gifts, I was very pleased with the presentation. My pleasure increased after opening the lids. The candles smell very nice even unlit.

The Honey Suckle is nice and true to the real bloom. Too true, as it tickles my nose. Christmas Impressions is another combo scent. I get citrus, fall/winter spices and a bit of pine. Lovely. These are intended for gifts, but one may end up on my counter!

Shipping was quick. I ordered Sunday and Monday was a holiday. I received them within the week. I got a nice email from the Nolan family when I sent them a quick note. Overall a very nice experience, and I would highly recommend Warm Impressions and will definitely buy from them again.

Tiffany - Colorado Springs, COLORADO

I have ordered from here several times. I even sent a gift to my aunt from here. I love their selection of tart warmers, my favorite is the dragonfly. My favorite tart so far has been Tangerine Dreams it is strong and long lasting. I recently ordered lots of their other scents, so will have to let you know, but overall I am very happy with this company.

Lavender is another excellent thrower. I do LOVE my dragonfly warmer and use it everyday!


Debra - Portland, Oregon

I am a sucker for any flavor that says vanilla, etc. I usually do not order bakery scents, but this "velour flavor" hooked me - and I am so glad!

I ordered both kinds of tarts on the site, the clamshell and the tarts. The scents were very, very strong! Not in a bad way - just not wimpy.

The first clamshell soy tarts - wowie!! If you like buttery vanilla, try the Vanilla Velour! My gamble paid off this time as I really like the scent even if it is more of a bakery scent. This one was not overwhelming, either. ($3.99)

I got the "2 in a package" tarts - light blue China Rain. They had the crisp, spicy scent that I associate with this fragrance. The throw on this one was big! ($2.75)

Labels are attractive and describe the scent of the product. Very nicely done!




Jeanne - Army Base, Afghanistan

Hello from Afghanistan (US Army Base)– 

Just wanted to let you know everyone loved their Christmas candles =) They are a huge hit and make living over here so much nicer – we don’t have to smell the “waste” pond anymore =) 

Thanks for being flexible with the shipping, many online vendors do not ship to APO addresses period. 

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and New Year season !

Take care,

Cynthia - Greenwood, MISSISSIPPI

I tried this company for the first time during an after Christmas sale. They appear to constantly have sales and discounts, and their prices are reasonable anyway. They offer flat-rate shipping at $7 and TAT is fast. I received my order in less than a week.
Here's what I ordered and my thoughts:
Tangerine Dreams: I absolutely loved this! It has a fresh, sprite scent and is very powerful! As a matter of fact, I threw it out after a day and a half, simply because I wanted to try something else. Very, very good, and I will re-order it. (Melted in a 12W burner).

Any Cranberry Oil: These oils are packaged very well, so you are able to dispense a small amount safely and without a big mess. Cranberry was absolutely divine! I burned it with a tealight oil burner, and the scent was very, very strong. A tart cranberry with a twist. I would buy this again and again.

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